Plastic In The Global Ocean

Oct 24, 2014

Dr. Giora Proskurowski knows the oceans, from top to bottom.   And that's not just metaphor. 

Dr. Proskurowski is a University of Washington professor who has studied everything from vents on the ocean floor to plastic trash floating on the surface. 

And he'll deliver a talk about the plastic part this weekend in Coos Bay. 

Concern Over Mercury In Oregon Rivers

Feb 4, 2014

The Rogue River looks pristine in many places, but looks are deceiving. 

The Rogue, the McKenzie, and other Oregon rivers may be added to a list of streams bearing high levels of mercury.  In some of the native fish, though generally not the water.

Oregon Must Do More To Protect Coastal Waters

Dec 20, 2013
Ian Poellet/Wikimedia

Federal regulators say Oregon is not doing enough to protect water and fish from pollution generated by logging on private lands, stormwater run-off from construction sites, and septic tanks.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said yesterday they plan to reject portions of Oregon's program for limiting coastal pollution from non-point sources.

EPA Sued By Oregon And Other States

Oct 10, 2013

Seven states, including Oregon, are suing the Environmental Protection Agency over health-damaging air pollution from outdoor wood-fired boilers that have become popular for residential heating.

The lawsuit fired Wednesday asks a federal court to order the EPA to review and adopt updated emissions limits for the boilers.

Jeff Manning of the Oregon Department of Justice says 25-year old rules should be updated to require sales of newer, cleaner-burning stoves. He says owners of old stoves will be allowed to keep the ones they have, and not be required to buy a new one.