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What's in your mug?  Most of us can't seem to start the day without SOME kind of beverage containing caffeine. 

Journalist Murray Carpenter freely admits he's often under the influence.  So he turned his curiosity on his drug of choice and wrote Caffeinated: How Our Daily Habit Helps, Hurts, and Hooks Us

Murray Carpenter visited the Exchange in 2015, and we return to the interview here. 

Feeding Your Face

Feb 11, 2016

Rebecca Wood likes to read faces, but it's not about divining the emotions that lurk behind them. 

She's a whole lot more interested in whole foods and other nutritious goodies for the body. 

And Wood says she can tell by reading faces just what nutrients people lack. 

It's the center of her book Read Your Face.  Wood lives in the Ashland area; she visits the studio to talk about her work, with a special reading of the three leading candidates for president. 

Changing Your Diet, For Life

Jan 20, 2016
Penguin Books

The federal government released new dietary guidelines this month, suggesting a big reduction in the intake of sugar for most Americans. 

You can forgive Dr. Robert H. Lustig if he says "I told you so." 

Because Lustig is one of many medical professionals pointing out the dangers of excessive sugar in the diet: obesity, heart disease, and more. 

In fact, he pointed it out nearly three years ago in his best-selling book Fat Chance.  The book is still in print, now in paperback, and the advice is clearly still valid. 

Feeding Kids When School Is Out

Jun 24, 2015
USDA/Public Domain

Summer vacation carries some dangers for the health of low-income children. 

Not the dangers of swimming and climbing trees, but the danger of poor nutrition caused by being separated from free meals at school. 

The federal government provides money for summer food programs in Oregon and other states, but there can be obstacles to families making use of the programs. 

Eating Right Early In Life (And Before?)

Mar 11, 2015

Can you count the number of times your parents urged you to eat your vegetables? 

It's part of childhood, and good advice: eating right early in life makes a big difference later.  That knowledge led to the creation of the Moore Institute for Nutrition and Wellness at Oregon Health Sciences University. 

The institute hosts nutrition forums across the state to make the case for proper nutrition for children, all the way back to the time of conception. 

The Foods You Eat: "What The Fork?"

Jan 15, 2015
Penguin Books

It's not unusual for people to learn the truth about the foods they eat and utter an obscenity (or two). 

That's pretty much what happened to Stefanie Sacks years ago, and propelled her onto the path to learning more about nutrition. 

Now she's a professional chef with a master's degree in nutrition. 

And she bends a popular utterance into the title of her new book, What The Fork Are You Eating? An Action Plan for Your Pantry and Plate

Eat Yourself Pretty

Jun 3, 2014
Chronicle Books

Billions of dollars are spent every year by humans attempting to improve their appearance. 

So the cosmetic and hair-product industries might not like what Jolene Hart has to say. 

She arrived at a moment a few years ago when she realized another skin cream would not help her complexion much.  But changing her diet would.