Preparing For A Non-Profit Future

Feb 28, 2017

Money helps in today's world, but many of us want a sense of fulfillment from our work, too. 

And maybe that does NOT involve profits. 

Vicki Lind started her own company in Portland, counseling people who want to work for nonprofit organizations.  Donnie Maclurcan envisions a future in which MOST workplaces are nonprofits. 

Non-Profits For Fun And (Not) Profit

Mar 25, 2016

Can every venture in the world be run as a non-profit?  Donnie Maclurcan thinks so. 

He envisions a world in which profit is NOT a motivating factor, and he trains people to get ready for that world. 

That's done through the Cascades Hub based in Ashland, which will soon offer a multi-week course in navigating the non-profit world. 

How NorCal Non-Profits Cooperate

Sep 15, 2015
Vuong Ta/Wikimedia

Setting up and keeping a non-profit going can be a tricky business, pun intended. 

It helps when non-profit managers compare notes on effective approaches, as they will soon in Fortuna. 

That's the meeting of the Northern California Association of Nonprofits

Non-Profits Comparing Notes

Mar 7, 2014
Public Domain

Politicians like to talk about helping out small businesses and "job creators," but they seldom talk specifically about people who work for non-profit organizations. 

And there are millions of those across the country.