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Ruling On The Elliott State Forest

Aug 13, 2015

  Oregon's Elliott State Forest is supposed to bring in money--through timber sales--for the state's common school fund. 

But there's not much logging, and the forest actually costs the state money now. 

So the state Land Board is looking for ways to up the income and/or logging, or at least cut the deficits. 

Backcountry Press

David Rains Wallace is one of many people who fell in love with the American West and never got over it. 

He's been living in California and writing about the environment for decades now. 

And now a number of his shorter works have been compiled into Articulate Earth: Adventures in Ecocriticism.


Throw another log on the fire of debate over proper use of forests in the region. 

Scientists from here and Germany just released a study making the case for the benefits of leaving trees standing. 

Our region is right smack in the middle of a band of temperate rainforests from the Redwoods to Alaska. 

Conifers Of The Pacific Slope

Nov 5, 2013
Backcountry Press

When you're really interested in trees with seed cones, it sure helps to live in our region. 

And Michael Kauffman does.