Cecilia St. King, Inner Peace Troubadour

Sep 22, 2016

It's a natural fit for the Ashland Culture of Peace Commission to bring in singer Cecilia St. King

She is billed as an "inner peace troubadour," providing songs of peace and hope to audiences in many places. 

The Culture of Peace Commission brought Cecilia to town to take part in the "11 Days for Peace" events beginning September 11th.  She has her own story to tell about living in New York on 9/11/01. 


Another day, another dollar; another studio, another guitar.  Guitars are common in our culture, and the usual accompaniment of our musical studio guests. 

But we get a SITAR once in a blue moon, and this is one of those times.  Deobrat Mishra from India can trace sitar players back 11 generations in his family. 

And he shares his skills as the director the Benares Academy of Indian Classical Music. 

On The (Music) Scene With Josh Gross

Sep 7, 2016
Wojtek Bijok/Wikimedia

It's not Austin, but our region is home to a number of venues for hearing live music. 

Josh Gross has visited many of them by now. 

Josh is the music editor for the Rogue Valley Messenger, so he pays great attention to the live music scene. 

First Friday Arts For September

Sep 1, 2016
Umpqua Valley Arts

Any Friday is something of an event. First Friday is a slightly bigger deal in the arts world, as several communities in our region observe First Friday Art Walks.

The Exchange goes with the flow, with our monthly First Friday Arts segment.  We open the phone lines (800-838-3760) and invite arts organizations from throughout the listening area to call in with details of arts events in the coming weeks... from fine art to open mike nights, all arts events are fair game. 

If you're just not available to be on the phone at show time (8:10-8:30 AM), RECORD your message in advance at our voicemail box: 541-552-6331.  Messages delivered after 4:30 PM on Thursday might not make it to air. 

Ashland Folkies "Hollis Peach" On Tour

Sep 1, 2016

Some days it seems like you can't take a few steps without running into someone with an acoustic guitar.  Folk music peaked in the 1960s, but it's certainly resurgent today. 

Dan Sherrill and Jacqui Aubert are doing their part, touring as the musical duo Hollis Peach (sometimes with additional players). 

They play Contemporary Indie & Psych Folk, Americana, and Gospel.  Psych Folk? 

Hollis Peach continues a regional tour from their Ashland base, including playing the Britt Festivals on September 23. 

Texas Twang In The Oregon/California Hills

Aug 31, 2016

Pull up a chair, and maybe a guitar. 

Our guests certainly will, as we enjoy Texas twang, courtesy of Travis Champ and Longriver, aka David Longoria.

Travis has played with the Cedar Shakes, David with The Black.

Gifford Photographic Collection

Crater Lake is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, a feast for the eyes.  What sounds should accompany the sights? 

The Britt Festival commissioned New York-based composer Michael Gordon to create an audio portrait, "Natural History."  The orchestra, led by Teddy Abrams, went to Crater Lake to perform it in late July. 

Musicians were joined by members of the Klamath Tribe and singers from three Rogue Valley choirs. 

Geoffrey Riley/JPR News

11 different acts are booked for the West Coast Country Music Festival this weekend near Ashland.  At least one had to get parental permission to attend.

And Rainy and The Rattlesnakes got that permission... because Dad is one of the Rattlesnakes. 

Rainy Miatke is the title performer; she and sister Lela started playing instruments before they were ten, and formed a band with their dad, Ray, soon after. Lucas Brinkerhoff plays bass for the group. 

Guitar Masters Convene In Medford

Jul 29, 2016

Break out the guitars, it's time to brush up on our skills.  But wait, which guitar style? 

Doesn't matter... an upcoming guitar workshop set up by the Britt Festivals in Medford features styles ranging from classical to Hawaiian slack key. 

And we get the benefit of the assemblage of teachers and styles, as Grant Ruiz, Michael "Hawkeye" Herman, and Joe Thompson bring guitars to the studio for a mini-performance across several general genres.

When you have a long history in music, you can reach back for some great tunes from the past. 

That's the basic idea behind "Zepdrix," a show coming to the Rogue Theatre in Grants Pass on June 10.  The name should tell you it's got a song or two from the 60s in it. 

Zepdrix is just one of the projects of Ashland couple Inger Jorgensen and Jeff Pevar.  Pevar is a world-class guitarist with a long resume; Jorgensen is a singer and artist. 

Matt Haimovitz: Have Cello, Will Travel

Apr 28, 2016
Steph MacKinnon

  Matt Haimovitz and his cello are on the road a lot. 

One description of his touring pace is "relentless." 

And he's not picky about venues, playing everything from concert halls to coffee houses.  Add radio studios to the list, because Haimovitz drops in to The Exchange for chat and concerto. 

James DeMoss and his wife Elizabeth were part of an 1862 wagon train.  They were musicians who traveled the world with their five children, playing 41 different instruments.  Son George played two cornets at the same time and also had the ability to play several different pieces of music at the same time. Son Henry composed the song “Sweet Oregon,” which became the unofficial state song for a number of years.

Flute + Drum + Learning = Caballito Negro

Apr 13, 2016

The Britt Festivals in Jacksonville just made a big splash with the announcement of this season's concerts.  But there's more to Britt than the summer concerts on the hill; there's also an ongoing education program that brings musical performers to schools. 

The duo Caballito Negro just completed a short residency through the program. 

The Southern Oregon swing completes with a public concert Thursday at Ashland's Schneider Museum of Art.