Loving Where You're Living

Jul 18, 2016
Penguin Random House

  We live in a couple of states where lifelong residents can be few and far between. 

Sometimes it seems like everyone is from someplace else.  And it's not just here... Americans move a lot; for jobs, for college, for adventure. 

Melody Warnick had just finished move Number Six in her life when she decided to change her thinking about attachment to place.  The result is her book This Is Where You Belong

Celebrating Migrants (With Wings)

Apr 8, 2016
Bob Wick/BLM/Wikimedia

Spring is in the air, and with it the many migratory bird species winging their way through the region.

The Pacific Flyway is something like a bird freeway for semi-annual migrations. 

This year marks a century since birds sparked a conservation movement in the United States.

Moving On Up... To Oregon

Jan 9, 2014

"We're Number One!" 

Oregonians can now make this claim, but perhaps not so enthusiastically.