Medford police

Chief Tim George Leaves Medford Police

Nov 13, 2015
Geoffrey Riley/JPR News

Medford Police Chief Tim George is retiring at the end of November.

His tenure as chief--less than five years--may seem short, but he's been in an MPD uniform for the better part of four decades. 

That time has been marked by changes in Medford's size and economy, and a rise in gang activity, now a major focus of police work. 

Medford Mail Tribune

Medford police moved into the city hall with the rest of the city departments more than four decades ago.

And even though city offices have expanded, the police department is still scattered around several offices in city hall.

Medford's #2 Cop Becomes Springfield's #1

Nov 12, 2013
Tim Doney

Medford's loss in policing is Springfield's gain. 

Medford Deputy Police Chief Tim Doney will leave the force in Medford after more than a quarter-century on the job.