Save Our Libraries Committee

Douglas County is one of the more broke counties in Western Oregon. 

It is one of many counties that used to get most of its income from federal timber sales.  But the sales crashed in the age of the spotted owl, and the money crashed as well. 

Voters rejected a tax levy to fund a library district, so the county plans to shut its libraries April 1st. 

There is a determined pro-library faction working to get the libraries open again, led by Save Our Libraries. 

Jackson County Libraries Plan Their Future

Oct 30, 2015
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Libraries in Jackson County are assured of a future, since voters created a countywide library district in an election last year.  And now library users and friends can help shape that future. 

A series of meetings stretching from mid-October to mid-November ask attendees to "Discover & Dream: Design the Destiny of Your Library."

Each library gets a meeting, some more than one. 

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Everybody supports kids learning to read.  But factions begin to form over how and where. 

The people who run Josephine Community Libraries hope many people support kids learning to read, and nurturing a love of reading, in public libraries. 

JCLI has a tough task: running a county library system with no county operating support. 

So it is now working to crowdfund children's libraries in the county. 

Libraries Beef Up For The Digital Age

Jun 1, 2015

Several parts of our region have voted on whether to fund libraries in recent years. 

And one of the frequent reasons given for voting no is the idea that libraries are irrelevant in the Internet age.  John Palfrey begs to differ. 

Palfrey is the author of BiblioTech: Why Libraries Matter More Than Ever in the Age of Google

And while he's a great believer in the utility of libraries, he also believes they need to make better use of technology to offer that utility. 

Back To Square One For Josephine Libraries

Dec 16, 2014

What next for libraries in Josephine County

They've already been shut out of the county budget and run as a non-profit for several years. 

And a recent vote to create a library district--as Jackson County did--failed with voters. 

That leaves new efforts to raise money, or budget cuts, or both. 

Tough Decisions At Start Of Library District

Jul 18, 2014
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The property taxes assessed for library operations in Jackson County will be the maximum allowed, 60 cents per thousands dollars of assessed value. 

Jackson County voters approved the formation of a library district in the May election, and supporters rejoiced. 

Then they took a look at the task at hand, and it's a big one. 

The library district, through its board, formally got the responsibility of running the county libraries on July 1, just a month and a half after the election. 

Jackson County Prepares To Vote On Libraries

Mar 12, 2014
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Like so many other things, public libraries have become a political football in recent decades, subject to cutting or closing to balance local budgets. 

Jackson County lived through one round of library shutdowns in 2007, only to see libraries reopen with outsourced management and reduced hours. 

Jackson County Voters To Decide On Library District

Feb 13, 2014
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The fate of the Jackson County library will go before voters in May.

If passed, the proposal for a special tax district would create a property tax up to 60 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value.

A board of directors separate from the County Commissioners would run the district.