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Kaber Sweeps Klamath Co. Sheriff Race

Nov 8, 2016

Chris Kaber leads the race for Klamath County Sheriff by 34 points. 

Kaber served on the Oregon State Police from 1987 to 2013. Since then he has worked as a polygraph examiner and private investigator, according to campaign filings. Early returns had Kaber with 66 percent of the vote, versus 32 percent for Steve Lewis, a Patrol Sergeant with the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office. 

Airport Screening + Neighborhood Watch

May 31, 2016

For this week's VENTSday, we invite you to either stand in line or defend your neighborhood.  Or both.

First, airport lines: how would you fix the TSA to keep people from missing flights in security lines?

And while we're on security, let's talk neighborhood watches and other citizens efforts: is law enforcement in short supply where you live, and how do you and your neighbors compensate?

Listeners take center stage on our weekly VENTSday segment, a chance to vent on a couple of topics in the news--by phone, by email, or through our online survey. We provide the topics, you provide the opinions. No expertise necessary; just opinions and the ability to express them in a radio-friendly way.

We post our weekly survey on one or both of the topics in advance.

What Makes Criminal Justice "Unfair"

Jun 17, 2015
Penguin Books

People who did not commit crimes get sent to death row, unarmed people are shot by police, and guilty people go free. 

These things happen all the time in our criminal justice system... but not because the system is structured to be fundamentally unfair. 

In the book Unfair: The New Science of Criminal Injustice, law professor Adam Benforado argues that unconscious biases and processes hidden to our conscious minds lead us to poor decisions. 

New Armed Citizen Patrol Forms In Josephine County

Nov 19, 2013

Another group has formed to provide armed citizen patrols in the rural outreaches of Josephine County, Oregon, where voters have consistently refused to raise their taxes to pay for sheriff's patrols as federal timber revenues have dried up.

The Grants Pass Daily Courier reports that the group patrolling the rural area east of Cave Junction brings to three the number of armed citizen groups filling the law enforcement gap in the county. Only two deputies are on the road in an area bigger than Rhode Island.