The leader of Israel could not be more clear about his opposition to the recently-announced deal to put Iran's nuclear weapon ambitions on hold.

Netanyahu calls the deal a historic mistake.

But he does not speak for all residents and friends of Israel.
Alon Pinkas was Israel's Consul General in New York for several years; he speaks in favor of the deal on behalf of the pro-peace organization J Street.

The prospect of avoiding war with Iran started a cold war OVER a deal with Iran on nuclear weapons.

Here's your chance to weigh in... the Iran nuclear deal is one of the topics on VENTSday this week. 

The other: use of domestic drones, becoming an issue for firefighting aircraft in the region. 

Iran Hikers/Captives See "A Sliver Of Light"

Apr 10, 2014
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Iran was NOT on the itinerary when three American hikers set off in search of adventure in Asia five years ago. 

But Iran became a very long and harrowing stopover for the hikers, who were accused of espionage and imprisoned. 

The Chances For Real Iran/America Dialogue

Oct 23, 2013
Public domain

So Iran's got a new president, he's saying nice things about the United States, he's hinting that there could be comprehensive talks on nuclear materials AND he recently talked to President Obama on the phone. 

But how likely is it that our two countries will not only meet in face-to-face talks, but reach any kind of agreement?