Holiday Season

Happiness Through Giving, Not Getting

Dec 3, 2015

It will be said a few times during this holiday season that giving gifts makes people feel as good, or better, than receiving them. 

And philanthropy advisor Jenny Santi says it's true... just witness all the first-person accounts in Santi's book The Giving Way to Happiness.

It's more than personal stories; there are also scientific studies that reveal the benefits to our well-being from giving gifts, whether tangible or not.

2015 Holiday Specials

Nov 2, 2015

This holiday season, JPR presents a big gift box of special programming for you. And now, to start unwrapping...

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We want to know what you think about gun control in the year since Sandy Hook and how you celebrate (or don't) in the holiday season?

Our weekly ritual is renewed, as we throw a pair of topics on the table--in theory, unrelated--and open up the phone lines and the email box to gather your take on either or both of the issues.