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Jefferson Exchange | May 8, 2014 | 9:00
10:10 am
Thu May 8, 2014

Expanding Passenger Rail In America

Amtrak's "Coast Starlight" en route from Los Angeles to Seattle. The train stops in Redding, Klamath Falls, and Eugene.

If the "Back to the Future" movies had been correct, we'd have flying cars by now. 

But we don't even have true high-speed trains in America… Amtrak's 150 mph "Acela" on the East Coast does not quite count. 

But trains do have plenty of fans, and more riders with each passing year. 

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Jefferson Exchange | October 31, 2013
10:48 am
Thu October 31, 2013

Getting California's High-Speed Rail On Track

Artist rendering of a possible high-speed rail future.
Credit California High-Speed Rail Authority

High-speed trains zoom across countries in Europe and Asia, but the United States is moving slowly toward fast trains (150 mph and faster). 

California's planned high-speed rail system recently broke ground, amid lingering questions about costs and timelines.  We talk with the High-Speed Rail Authority about plans and progress.

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