Maybe a third of a million people came to California for the gold rush of 1849, and easily thousands more have come to the West since.  Many of them had little to show for their efforts. 

But not Glenn Wadstein.  He mined Jackson County's Sterling Creek for gold for a decade and a half at the end of the last century, and he claims to have pulled POUNDS of gold out of the stream. 

What did he do with his gains, and what kind of shape did he leave the creek in?  These and more questions are answered in Wadstein's video story at the Southern Oregon Digital Archives at Southern Oregon University. 

This is the latest chapter in Stories of Southern Oregon. 

An 1857 Oregon law taxed each Chinese miner $2 a month for the privilege of mining in the state.  Some counties even made it illegal for Chinese to hold or work a claim.  The tax was extended a year later to everyone of Chinese descent, not only for mining, but also for trading, selling or buying goods.