Maybe you were visiting a big city and thought you'd go to a park.  But when you got there, you discovered the "park" was really an open area covered by concrete, with little in the way of natural amenities. 

Benjamin Vogt is an outspoken critic of the "nature deficit" he sees in urban areas. 

And he urges people to grow native plants around them, a point he pounds home in A New Garden Ethic: Cultivating Defiant Compassion for an Uncertain Future


It is dirty-knee season for many people in our region. 

Their knees get dirty from spending time on the ground tending to their gardens. 

Now that May has arrived, gardening really heats up, since most concerns about frost damaging plants is now past. 

Kate Hassan is one of the Jackson County Master Gardeners

Autumn: A Time To Reap (And Sow)

Sep 22, 2016

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Fall marks the end of the growing season, the time to reap what we sow.

But hang on, there's some sowing to be done as well.  Spring is not the only season for planting, and there are a few things we can be putting in the ground now for next year. 

Christie Mackison of Shooting Star Nursery in the Rogue Valley is well-versed in planting, no matter when it takes place. 

How Gardeners Spend The Winter

Nov 2, 2015

Just because the growing season is over is no reason to stop thinking about farms and gardens. 

Jackson County Master Gardeners Association members keep busy during the winter. 

And they point out there's plenty to do outside the growing season. 

The gardeners share their knowledge in the coming "Winter Dreams/Summer Gardens Symposium," coming to Medford November 7th. 

What To Do With The Garden's Bounty

Sep 11, 2015

It probably started a couple of weeks ago... neighbors giving you piles of zucchini, sharing the bounty of their summer gardens. 

We have good growing conditions and good growers here, but can you use all the zucchini/apples/corn before they begin to rot in your kitchen? 

The answer is an emphatic YES, at least in the hands of De Davis-Guy. 

She is both Master Gardener and Master Food Preserver through Oregon State University's Extension Service

Springing Into Gardening With The Masters

Apr 14, 2015

An early spring around much of the region might have caught some gardeners unprepared. 

Flowers bloomed weeks earlier than usual, before the weather snapped back to something like seasonal norms. 

These are the situations in which Master Gardeners get to use the benefits of their training. 

The Jackson County Master Gardeners are just about to graduate this year's class. 

Getting Going Before Growing Season

Feb 28, 2014
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Set aside for the moment any concerns about how much water will be available in the coming growing season. 

There WILL BE a growing season, that's for sure.  And this time, just before it starts, is the time when many gardeners--serious and less so--make preparations in their gardens and their skills.