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Medford District BLM Gets New Boss

Jul 25, 2016

No federal agency is responsible for managing as much land as the Bureau of Land Management. 

And no BLM district in the country has more people working for it than the Medford District.  So it's a big job; somebody's got to do it. 

That somebody is now Elizabeth Burghard, appointed to the post this year to replace Dayne Barron. 

How To Polish Up Your Land Stewardship

Apr 7, 2016
Pauline Bartolone/CPR

It's not just our loud music that escapes over the fence into our neighbor's yard. 

All of our pieces of land, big and small, are interconnected.  And many of us can stand a refresher course in good land stewardship.  What do you know, Oregon State University's Extension Service provides such a course. 

It's called Living On Your Land, or LOYL, and it will be offered in Grants Pass April 16th. 


A petition with tens of thousands of signatures seeks to have guns allowed into the Republican convention this summer.  How does that idea strike you?  It's one of our VENTSday topics. 

The other: the proposal in Congress to have county sheriffs responsible for law enforcement on federal lands, instead of federal agents. 

Your thoughts are front and center on VENTSday.  No expertise necessary; just opinions and the ability to express them in a radio-friendly way. 

We post our weekly survey on one or both of the topics in advance. 

Using Old Energy Leasing Rules On Renewables

Jan 9, 2014
Philipp Hertzog/Wikimedia

The use of renewable energy is meant to help curtail the use of oil and gas.

But some of the practices of developing oil and gas sources may be adaptable to renewable energy.