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Maybe the big infrastructure bill President Trump promised has not emerged.  But specific projects are getting approved, including in our region. 

The city of Weed has some money coming from the federal government, $2.4 Million for improvements in and around the South Weed Interchange. 

How much of an effect can working on one interchange have on the local economy?  The city says up to 80 jobs. 

Jessica Placzek/KQED

It used to be that farms were cleared to make way for housing developments. Now, developments are making room for farms.

Agricultural neighborhoods — or agrihoods — are neighborhoods with urban farms. They are being sown across California, and buyers are eating them up.

Building Houses With Natural Materials

Jul 3, 2015
Flying Hammer Productions

Houses are still built the same way they've been built for years... with wooden studs, drywall, and all the usual materials.

But not ALL houses are built the same. 

Some decidely low-tech but high-efficiency homes are built using natural materials... straw bales, earth, and cob, among other materials. 

Lydia Doleman at Flying Hammer Productions specializes in natural building practices.

Bringing In The Bringers Of New Business

Sep 16, 2013

Communities are always trying to attract news businesses.  But how do they reach out in the first place?  In some cases, it's a one-step-removed process: they reach out to consultants who advise companies on their options for relocation.