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Ever read a legal document and have to read it again … and again … to figure out what it actually means? Now, imagine trying to read that document in a language you barely know. 

Nearly  half of all California families speak a language other than English, and many have to navigate the state’s civil court system without the help of a translator.

But that’s changing, now that the California Supreme Court has launched a program to make interpreters available in all court cases. 

Some Federal Court Hearings Going Online

Jan 3, 2014
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Members of the public can now listen to hearings from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals online.

The court said Thursday it will offer online access to all of its proceedings beginning with its hearings next week in Pasadena. It's the first time a federal appeals court has provided the service.

"Keeping It Civil" In Family Law

Oct 24, 2013

The biggest law cases in American history (think Roe vs Wade) start with people, just plain people filing lawsuits. 

Attorney Margaret Klaw specializes in family law, but she sees some of the greatest concerns of our time and our society reflected in the cases she tries.