A billion dollars.  That's what the most recent superhero movie, Black Panther, made at the box office, and that was as of a month ago. 

Superheroes are popular all over the world, still, 80 years after Superman first put on that red cape. 

Southern Oregon fans of superheroes and comics generally convene later this month (April 28-29) at Medford Comic Con, presented by Jackson County Library Services and Rogue Community College. 

The weekend offers plenty of chances for dress-up cosplay and other events. 

Medford Comic Con Facebook page

When you think about all the times our parents told us to stop reading comic books, it's amazing comics survived. 

But survive they did, and now they are central to American culture... at least in the movies and TV.  Have you SEEN how many movies and TV shows feature characters who first appeared in the comics? 

Mike Madrid is a comic lover and documenter, with several books on costumed heroines, including The Supergirls.  He comes to Ashland for the Lit Fest on Saturday at the SOU library, and joins us for a preview. 

And we add Laura Kimberly, the Medford library branch manager.  She is also the organizer of the Medford Comic Con, a convention for comics lovers. 

Look, Up In The Sky: Comics Students!

Dec 12, 2013
University of Oregon

Funnies yes, but not a joke.

The University of Oregon seriously launched a comics and cartoon studies minor last year, the first of its kind in the country.