A Celtic Christmas Brings Ireland To Oregon

Dec 21, 2016

Tomáseen Foley doesn't have to do a great deal of research to tell stories of Ireland in days gone by. 

He was born and raised there, in a time and place before many modern amenities arrived. 

Foley's stories are just a small part of the annual celebration he created called "A Celtic Christmas."

This season marks the 20th for the show, featuring story, song and dance, and seen on stages across the country. 

What NOT To Buy In Christmas Toys

Dec 11, 2015

Take it from any parent who ever shopped for Christmas toys: some of them just look so cute and fun, you grab them and head straight for the register. 

But it behooves us to be smart consumers in the toy aisles as well as in the rest of the store. 

OSPIRG, Oregon's public interest research group, just put out its list of toys that pose potential hazards--toxic, choking, or ingested--and found nearly two dozen of them. 

Trees And Charity At Providence Fest

Nov 30, 2015

Seems like a nice way to spend some time early in the holiday season: go and look at decorated Christmas trees. 

Somehow, it's become a big fundraiser for Medford's Providence Community Health Foundation. 

The Foundation's annual Providence Festival of Trees has raised millions of dollars over more than two decades. 

2015 Holiday Specials

Nov 2, 2015

This holiday season, JPR presents a big gift box of special programming for you. And now, to start unwrapping...

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No Money, No Problem: The Abundance Swap

Dec 12, 2014

Picture a holiday bazaar at which no money changes hands.  Having trouble? 

Such an event already exists, including an example from the Rogue Valley. 

The Abundance Swap returns to Ashland for its 13th edition this weekend (December 14th). 


From memories to mulch… our Christmas trees can live on, in a sense, once we're done with them. 

In many communities, the beginning of the year is punctuated by visits from the Boy Scouts and other groups collecting Christmas trees for a variety of uses, back outdoors where they came from. 

Christmas Charities Ramp Up For Giving

Nov 22, 2013
Dwight Burdette/Wikimedia

If the bells have not started ringing already, they certainly will soon. 

The Salvation Army and other charitable groups are now ramping up their efforts to collect money and goods to make the season happier for needy families.