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In other parts of the developed world, midwives deliver a lot of babies... like in England, where half the births involve midwives. 

Here, not so much.  About ten percent of American births include midwives.  And recent research shows how making greater use of midwives can make for healthier babies and mothers. 

Oregon is one state that does better than many in integrating midwives into the birthing process.  Melissa Cheyney at Oregon State University was one of the authors of the study. 

Hospitals Embrace Midwifery

Sep 30, 2016

The medical process of giving birth has really changed. 

Some people alive today were born in sterile (in every sense) hospital rooms while their mothers were asleep. 

The natural childbirth movement rejected that approach, and now even the hospitals provide the alternatives. 

Case in point: the midwifery services available through Asante Health System at Ashland Community Hospital. 

Natural Childbirth: Tough Club To Join

Feb 25, 2016
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To drug or not to drug?  It's a tough question for the woman about to give birth. 

Natural childbirth is a great concept, but it is a pain-filled experience for most women. 

Sociologist Adam Rafalovich looked into the decision-making process for a report called "Pain IS the Club: Identity and Membership in the Natural Childbirth Community." 

Getting The IUD With The Baby

Oct 20, 2015
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A woman who just had a baby may decide that's it; no more kids, at least for a while. 

But the most reliable methods of birth control, intrauterine device (IUD) and implant, often require a return visit to a doctor, a tough schedule for a woman with a newborn. 

IUD and implant can be placed while women are still in the hospital after giving birth, but not all states require insurance companies to pay for the service. 

California now requires it and Oregon is considering. 


Giving birth is as natural as… well, having a baby. 

Making connections to all the people who can help a mother give birth… that can be trickier. 

Is your family doctor the right person?  Should you find an obstetrician, a midwife, a doula? 

Southern Oregon Birth Connections is all about delivering answers to those questions (and delivering healthy babies, too).