Chetco River

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We can take our surroundings for granted, so it's good every so often to step back and gaze in appreciation.

That's the basic idea behind the Hathkapasuta River Celebration, coming to the Illinois Valley (Near Cave Junction) this weekend. 

It gives visitors a chance to celebrate the rivers and forests that are such critical parts of our region. 

Tim  Leyba and Suzanne Vautier of CEEN, the Cultural and Ecological Enhancement Network, are organizers for the event. 

Man Of Many Waters: Tim Palmer

Oct 13, 2015

Tim Palmer is the kind of guest we welcome back often to the Exchange. 

Because he provides such a wealth of information in so many realms. 

It comes down to this: if it involves water in our region--flowing or frozen--Tim probably knows about it. 

He's written field guides to rivers in both states, a book about glaciers in California, and more.  He and his wife recently floated the Rogue River, all the way from Lost Creek Dam to the Pacific... journey not possible (because of dams) just a few years ago.

Smith Headwaters Mining Withdrawal Filed

Jul 1, 2015
PGHolbrook/Wikimedia Commons

Southern Oregon and Northern California's Smith River could be temporarily protected from mining by a maneuver proposed by the Bureau of Land Management.

BLM plans to withdraw roughly 100,000 acres of public land from mining in Curry and Josephine Counties, including land considered for a major nickel mine.