Uncomplicating The Act Of Giving

Dec 10, 2015

People who make charitable contributions can feel a little disconnected... not truly feeling that they are making a difference through their donations. 

Jennifer Iacovelli noticed this in her work as a fundraiser for nonprofits, and she noticed the sincere gratitude of the receivers of the donations. 

She puts the parts together in her book Simple Giving, which ranges from the high-end philanthropic gift to the everyday nicety that makes the day a little more pleasant. 

Trees And Charity At Providence Fest

Nov 30, 2015

Seems like a nice way to spend some time early in the holiday season: go and look at decorated Christmas trees. 

Somehow, it's become a big fundraiser for Medford's Providence Community Health Foundation. 

The Foundation's annual Providence Festival of Trees has raised millions of dollars over more than two decades. 

The State Of Giving In The State Of Oregon

Apr 29, 2015
OSU Press

There are SO MANY charities looking for help, either from money or volunteers. 

And now there is a book that gives a broad picture of the situation in the state of Oregon. 

State of Giving: Stories of Oregon Volunteers, Donors, and Nonprofits is a description of current conditions and a manifesto for greater civic engagement. 

Oregon's Worst Charities, 2013 Edition

Dec 24, 2013
Deviant Art/Wikimedia

In this season of giving, many people either make gifts of donations to charity or make year-end donations to beef up their charity deductions on the next income tax return. 

Oregon's Justice Department puts out an annual list of "the worst charities" seeking donations in Oregon. 

Rogue Valley Food Projects On The Grow

Sep 18, 2013
Ashland Food Project

Donations to food banks tend to run higher during the holiday season.