Celtic Christmas

Celtic Christmas Comes To Town

Dec 16, 2015

Is it possible the recent wave of Celtic entertainment began with Tomaseen Foley and "A Celtic Christmas"?  It's possible... he's certainly been at this for a while. 

Foley grew up in Ireland in the 1950s, when life was still primitive in some ways. 

He gathered up his stories and some musicians, singers, and dancers, and staged his first Christmas show nearly two decades ago. 

In The Studio With "A Celtic Christmas"

Dec 19, 2013

Maybe we're on the back side of the boom in interest in all things Irish.  But we don't see any waning of enthusiasm for the annual celebration called "A Celtic Christmas."

Ashland's own Tomaseen Foley started the show years ago, and brings the collection of stories, songs and dances to stages around the country.