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"What's that smell?" is something we ask each other every so often.

If dogs could talk, it would be a constant discussion topic, because they smell so much more than humans can. 

It's a subject Alexandra Horowitz gets deeply into, in her book Being A Dog

And just so no one thinks we've gone completely to the dogs, we give equal time for cats in this hour.

Animals And Their Emotions

Mar 29, 2016

Watching cats falling off couches has turned into a worldwide pastime, thanks to the Internet. 

Virginia Morell likes to watch animals, too, but not in quite the same way. 

She is a science writer who has studied animal emotions, and she's featured in a new edition of PBS's "Animal Reunions" this week.

Laughing About Dogs And Cats For A Good Cause

Mar 13, 2014

Ashland playwright/poet Dori Appel wrote a pile of work already, and continues to add to it. 

Her latest project is less about the play than the critters who benefit: homeless and sheltered animals.  Appel's series of comic vignettes, Far From the Zoo, will be performed across the Rogue Valley on three consecutive weekends. 

Living In The Funny Pages

Sep 6, 2013

Dogs did not really write the poems in "I Could Chew on This," we're reasonably sure.  Just as cats did not write the poems in "I Could Pee on This."  Francesco Marciuliano wrote them all, just as he writes the daily "Sally Forth" comic strip in newspapers across the country.  Marciuliano is clearly a busy guy, but he'll spend an hour with us talking about his work and the creative process.