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Two organizations of similar focus and similar size, with similar approaches to management. 

One grows steadily, the other grows by leaps and bounds.  What is the difference? 

That is exactly what management guru Subir Chowdhury explores in his book The Difference: When Good Enough Isn't Enough

For one thing, a caring mindset that pervades an organization seems to help. 

Brammo via Instagram

The company with the quiet motorcycles is going big time. 

Brammo, now based in Talent, gained fame as a maker of electric motorcycles. 

That part of the business has since been sold to Polaris, but Brammo kept working on battery and other power modules, and just landed $58 Million in contracts, with a big increase in staff coming. 


Can every venture in the world be run as a non-profit?  Donnie Maclurcan thinks so. 

He envisions a world in which profit is NOT a motivating factor, and he trains people to get ready for that world. 

That's done through the Cascades Hub based in Ashland, which will soon offer a multi-week course in navigating the non-profit world. 


If success in business rubs off on people, Jim Sorensen is a carrier. 

His work as a public speaker and session facilitator takes him around the country and into the domains of some highly successful enterprises. 

Sorensen is the keynote speaker for the annual Southern Oregon Business Conference, next week in Medford. 

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Anybody with some money to invest can certainly find places to put that money.  So why not invest in local businesses? 

That's the question answered by the Hatch Oregon Network, which works to pair local investors with local businesses that need capital. 

Think of it as spending money on Main Street before Wall Street. 


Many a small business person will tell you that they had the necessary skills to run a business, but lacked knowledge of marketing or some other critical area.

These are the areas that can be aided by Small Business Development Centers, like the one attached to Southern Oregon University in Medford (one of six in SW Oregon). 

In addition to offering assistance and classes, SBDCs also perform some educational outreach, including an upcoming Business Resource Forum (October 17). 


The way some people tell the story, government is always getting in the way of business. 

But in Oregon, several state agencies are focused on the needs of businesses large and small. 

And a relatively recent addition to the list is the office of the Small Business Advocate in the Secretary of State's office.  It is designed specifically to help clear out regulatory and paperwork encumbrances with other state agencies.

Ruth Miles is the current occupant of that position. 

SOREDI Boosting Business

Jan 27, 2014
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Several recent signs indicate the economy may be picking up steam. 

And that is welcome news to people in the business of helping business. 

Dungeness Crab Prices Set

Dec 13, 2013
Jon Sullivan

Dungeness crab fishers will begin setting their pots today after reaching a price agreement with seafood processors.

With the Oregon Department of Agriculture supervising negotiations, the sides agreed to a minimum price of $2.65 per pound, a 35-cent increase from a year ago, and the highest price ever agreed upon for an opening.

Bringing In The Bringers Of New Business

Sep 16, 2013

Communities are always trying to attract news businesses.  But how do they reach out in the first place?  In some cases, it's a one-step-removed process: they reach out to consultants who advise companies on their options for relocation.

New Owners For Mail Tribune, Daily Tidings

Sep 12, 2013
Ed Schipul

The days of sharing an owner with Fox News just came to an end for the Mail Tribune of Medford and the Daily Tidings of Ashland.

The branch of News Corporation that owned those and other newspapers was just sold to Fortress Investment Group, which will manage the papers through a subsidiary called GateHouse Media.