breast cancer

Beauty After Breast Cancer

Oct 8, 2014

Far too many women need surgery for breast cancer, and many of them could use more information about life after their natural breasts. 

A nurse at Ashland Community Hospital decided to do something about that information gap. 

Katelyn Carey is the creator of a coffee-table book of women who survived breast cancer, Beauty After Breast Cancer.

Climb Against The Odds

Jun 20, 2014

Defeating cancer requires determined and even heroic efforts from some people. 

But climbing Mount Shasta? 

Maybe there's no direct effect, but the "Climb Against the Odds" event sends women up the mountain to demonstrate resolve against breast cancer. 

And they raise some money for the fight as well. 

Sharing The Knowledge On Breast Cancer Gains

Feb 27, 2014
U.S. Marine Corps

We know a lot more about breast cancer than we once knew. 

More lives are saved, but women still get the disease and die from it.