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It's not a bar fight, exactly, but it is a beer fight.  Or competition, let's say. 

Microbreweries are finding some difficulty in getting people to buy their beers in stores, so they're focusing attention on direct sales: people come into the taproom or brewery and buy beer there. 

Which limits the choices in stores and in bars that serve many different beer brands. 

Larry Chase of Standing Stone Brewing Co. in Ashland also sits on the board of the Brewers Association in Oregon. 

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Oregon continues to produce more wine over time, but its production of beer ingredients may be even more impressive. 

Hops are a major agricultural product in Oregon, the number three state behind Washington and Idaho.  And the hop harvest over the past five years has zoomed, up 77 percent. 

People who know hops say this is probably the peak; there are enough hops to meet the demand, and then some. 

Jaki Brophy speaks for hop growers at USA Hops in Yakima, Washington. 

Beer Lover Pitches Marketing Beer To Women

Nov 3, 2016

The advertisements for beer tend to be a bit on the macho side. 

Which is not surprising, given that more men than women enjoy beer. 

But stand aside, guys, here comes Ginger Johnson, the creator of Women Enjoying Beer. 

Her beer/women outreach includes a new book, How to Market Beer to Women.  It carries the lovely subtitle of "Don't Sell Me a Pink Hammer." 

Preserving Beer History In Oregon

Sep 29, 2016

Some of the best moments of our lives can happen over a beer.  Why NOT preserve some memories? 

Documenting the past of beer and brewing is the role of the Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives, dedicated to preserving artifacts and stories from the history of making beer, cider, and mead in Oregon. 

Mugs, mats, and more are included in the growing collection, under the watchful eye of Director Tiah Edmunson-Morton.

Before The Pour: "Mastering Homebrew"

Aug 27, 2015
Chronicle Books

If you're thinking the book Mastering Homebrew is about how to master the drinking of homemade beer, just keep moving. 

But if you're willing to put in some time and effort, Randy Mosher can probably help you make a decent brew. 

Mosher brews his own beer, gives talks and lectures on brewing, and even acts as a consultant and partner within commercial breweries. 

So he knows the hops from the yeast, and how to use them. 

Homebrewers And Professionals Unite (Over Beer)

Feb 19, 2015

  The weekend is almost here… is it too soon to pop open a cold one? 

People across the country are making their own "cold ones" by brewing beer at home. 

The American Homebrewers Association gives them plenty of support, including providing connections to local professional brewers. 

The AHA will hold a rally at an Ashland brewery this weekend to unite beer likers and makers.