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Photo: Jenny Graham / | Oregon Shakespeare Festival

When times are tight, the arts are often the first to meet the ax. But what about the cost of NOT supporting the arts in society? Dollars and cents won’t tally that.  

A new initiative is seeking out more poetic measures, by asking people what they value about art and how to best express those values. 

LIFEArt Shows Art And Way To Live

Jun 17, 2015

Art saves lives.  When people need outlets for expression that do not hurt themselves or others, art is there as an answer.

And that explains the existence of the LIFEArt program in Jackson County, which gives students expressive outlets in a handful of Jackson County schools. 

"Poetry Out Loud" Packs 'Em In

Feb 26, 2015
Oregon Arts Commission via Vimeo

You certainly can enjoy poetry in silence, with just you and the poem present. 

But lots of people think poetry is meant to be read out loud.  And that's exactly what happens at the Poetry Out Loud contests across the country. 

A record 38 Oregon high schools are participating this year. 

Restoring School Art Programs In Oregon

May 30, 2014
Wikipedia Commons

When the budget ax falls on schools, it tends to fall first on the programs that are not seen as essential to learning, music and art among them. 

School funding and some programs are slowly rebounding from the recession, but many schools do without.