Art Inspires Ashland

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Art is not just for artists, and it has other uses besides hanging on walls. 

These are some of the thoughts behind this weekend's Art Inspires Ashland (November 11-13).  As the name implies, the idea is to use art as a catalyst in community building. 

This is work Milenko Matanovic does all the time, merging art, collaboration, and community building. 

Art Inpires Ashland: The Filmmaker

Nov 15, 2013
Reina Marie Loader/YouTube

The Art Inspires Ashland mini-festival brings artists from other parts of the world to the Rogue Valley, to explain their work processes and the results.

One of the visiting artists is South African born- and Austrian-based documentary filmmaker Reina-Marie Loader, who focuses her lenses on some of the most controversial topics in the world.