Running Press

There's a lot of attention paid to the liquid refreshments that best pair with certain foods. 

We've gone way beyond the red wine/red meat pairing. 

Not only that, we're pairing drinks with more than food. 

Here's an example: drinks to complement movies.  Tim Federle comes up with a list of 50 in his book Gone With The Gin.

And no, there's no "Terminator" pairing with Jagermeister.  We think. 


Jail space tends to be at a premium in our region.

Funding is often tight, and cells are limited in the best of circumstances. 

So jail cells are not the best places for drunk or drugged people to "sleep it off", especially if they have not committed any crime.

Grants Pass will be home to a "sobering center" by sometime next year, a non-jail place for substance abusers to get straight. 

The Oregon Legislature approved funding for it last month. 


An Oregon Liquor Control Commission task force says the state needs to change the system to increase consumer access to spirits.

It will be up to the Legislature to decide, and the task force suggested some ideas Thursday in recommendations to the commission.