Writer Brings Tales Of Activism To Kids

Dec 16, 2016

Innosanto Nagara grew up in a place and a time where people had to stand up for their rights. 

The place was Indonesia, the time was during the 30-year rule of the repressive Suharto.  Nagara is an activist, and the author of an eyebrow-raising children's book called A is for Activist

He stays in the children's section of the library with his latest work, about a night he feared his father would be arrested for his activism. 

My Night at the Planetarium is the new work. 

Art And Activism With Cherríe Moraga

Oct 11, 2016

To call Cherríe Moraga a writer understates the case. 

She is that, yes, but also an activist on behalf of people of color, particularly women. 

And she comes to the University of Oregon this week (October 13-14) to talk about civil rights and civil liberties... and methods to use in activism. 

Those who know her best call her Maestra Moraga. 

Rerun: "The Activist's Handbook"

Jul 28, 2016
University of California Press

We hop into the time machine for this hour, revisiting an early 2014 interview with Randy Shaw about his book The Activist's Handbook

The more recent version of the book is itself an updating of an earlier edition. 

In an age of ubiquitous smart phones and social media, activism has new tools at its disposal. 

The Activist's Handbook

Jan 15, 2014
University of California Press

At some point in your life--maybe recently--did you get mad enough about something in society to take action? 

Did you know what to do next?