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Eric Toensmeier

While discussions about climate change usually center on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Eric Toensmeier is focused on the other side of the equation: how to capture the carbon dioxide that's already in the atmosphere.  And he thinks the answer might be in his backyard garden. At one-tenth of an acre, Toensmeier’s garden in Holyoke, Massachusetts, is not a large space. But with 300 varieties of perennial crops, his experiments on growing them in different configurations — to increase...

International negotiators have established the world’s largest "marine protected area" off the coast of West Antarctica. It is the first of its kind to be established in international waters. On Oct. 28, the EU and 24 nations of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, known as CCAMLR (pronounced “Cammelar”) agreed to protect 600,000 square miles of the Ross Sea — an area perhaps best known for its emperor penguins. Now, some of the richest and most pristine...

The BagShare Project offers a creative and simple solution to the global problem of plastic bags: sewing and sharing handmade, reusable bags from scrap materials. The project is the brainchild of Leni Fried, an artist from Cummington, Massachesetts. She began BagShare in 2007 , and since then, she estimates, volunteers have made about 15,000 bags at community sewing events. Bags are donated to local stores, where customers can borrow them — instead of using disposable bags. “It’s kind of...

Elon Musk, the co-founder of Tesla motors and SpaceX, has announced a new line of attractive roofing tiles that can capture energy from the sun. Along with a home battery, called the Power Wall, and a Tesla electric car, the new roofing tiles could form a complete personal solar power system for an individual residential home. To achieve his vision, Musk is pushing for a merger of two companies in which he's the largest shareholder: Tesla and the home solar company, SolarCity. “Fundamentally,...

Wildlife trafficking is on the ballot in Oregon

Nov 7, 2016
Steve Hillebrand/Wikimedia Commons

When Oregon voters go to the polls this week, they will decide whether to ban the buying and selling of illegal animal products, such as ivory and jaguar skins. The 12 species covered by  ballot Measure 100 are being poached internationally at high rates and many are threatened with extinction. Supporters say Oregonians should do their part in the fight against animal trafficking with a “yes” vote. If the measure passes, Oregon will join neighbors California and Washington in having such a...