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Jefferson Exchange | October 30, 2013
10:36 am
Wed October 30, 2013

Treating Minors Who Commit Crimes Like Minors, Not Adults

Credit Ardiart/Wikimedia

Carmen Daugherty and Shannon Wight discuss issues with juveniles in the adult criminal justice system.

"Lock 'em up and throw away the key" was once the attitude toward minors convicted of crimes in the United States. 

We still hear of cases of children being tried and convicted in adult court and sentenced to adult prison, but states continue to pass laws taking a different approach toward youthful offenders.

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Jefferson Exchange | October 29, 2013
12:53 pm
Tue October 29, 2013

Shuffling The Dollars Between California School Districts

Credit Eric E. Johnson/Flickr

Samantha Tran of Children Now explains California's new school funding system.

The dollars and the methods for distributing them are changing for California school districts. 

A voter-passed tax increase in 2012 made more money available for schools, and Governor Jerry Brown pushed for changes in the funding formula. 

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Jefferson Exchange | October 29, 2013
12:51 pm
Tue October 29, 2013

The Surveillance State: "Spying On Democracy"

Credit City Lights Books

Heidi Boghosian talks about state and corporate surveillance of private citizens.

So you use your "club card" to check out at the supermarket. 

The clerk thanks you by name, and you get a coupon for an item you might like, based on your past purchases. 

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Jefferson Exchange | October 28, 2013
1:33 pm
Mon October 28, 2013

Updating California's State Wildlife Action Plan

California Condor
Credit U.S. Fish & Wildlife

Armand Gonzalez of California Fish & Wildlife lays out the process of updating the State Wildlife Action Plan.

Long before wild animals begin heading for the endangered species list, steps will be taken to help ensure their survival. 

That is the hope, anyway… expressed in California through the State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP).

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Jefferson Exchange | October 28, 2013
1:19 pm
Mon October 28, 2013

Dennis Linthicum Challenges Oregon's Walden From The Right

Klamath County Commissioner and Congressional candidate Dennis Linthicum in June 2013.

A visit with Dennis Linthicum on his political views.

Oregon U.S. Representative Greg Walden (R-2nd District) is part of the Republican leadership in the House.

His job is getting fellow Republicans elected to house seats, and now he faces an intra-party challenge to his own. 

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Jefferson Exchange | October 28, 2013
1:15 pm
Mon October 28, 2013

Hold The Wings: Preparing The Protein Source Of The Future

Credit Random House

A revisit with David George Gordon on "The Eat-A-Bug Cookbook".

Did we mention food during our Fall Fund Drive? 

We consume a lot of it while we ask our listeners to provide financial support. 

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Jefferson Exchange | October 25, 2013
11:00 am
Fri October 25, 2013

Gently Approaching Vaccination Resistance

Credit James Gathany/CDC

Vaccine discussion (and disagreement): Dr. Stephen Wells, Dr. Bonnie Nedrow and Jennifer Margulis.

Vaccines provide resistance to disease, but concerns about side effects provide resistance to the vaccines. 

And the concerns are especially pronounced in Ashland, which has one of the highest vaccine avoidance rates in the country.

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Jefferson Exchange | October 25, 2013
10:52 am
Fri October 25, 2013

Stopping Low-Tech Theft With High-Tech Gadgets

Credit Magnus Manske/Wikimedia

Ashland P.D. Deputy Chief Corey Falls talks about device to curb bicycle theft.

Bicycle-friendly towns often have more of everything connected to bicycles: more bikes, more bike shops, more bike thefts.

It's that last category that causes concern in Ashland. 

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Jefferson Exchange | October 25, 2013
10:43 am
Fri October 25, 2013

Think And Grow (Hopefully) Rich: "Stickability"

Credit Penguin Books

Greg S. Reid explains pursuing your dreams with "Stickability."

Author Napolean Hill sold millions of copies of his 1937 book Think and Grow Rich. 

Now the Napolean Hill Foundation continues his work, adding new books by contemporary authors. 

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Jefferson Exchange | October 24, 2013
12:47 pm
Thu October 24, 2013

Sex Education: Yes, There's An App For That

Credit University of Oregon

UO Health Promotion Marketing Manager Keith Van Norman discusses the SexPositive smartphone app.

In the age of "there's an app for that," this was bound to happen: a sex education app for smartphones.

And it's a production of the health center at the University of Oregon. 

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