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Nell & Jim & You: First Friday In The Arts

Apr 3, 2015
Mike Melnyk/

Country singers Nell Robinson and Jim Nunally call what they do "new old country music." 

And they'll perform it for an audience in Ashland Friday night (April 3rd). 

Before that, though, they'll be our featured guests on our First Friday Arts segment. 

The Exchange syncs up with the art world on First Friday, by visiting with listeners about arts events in the coming month.  From gallery displays to throat singing to dance, all are welcome.

The Music Of Cornflower, In The Studio

Apr 3, 2015

Rogue Valley-based one-man-band Cornflower needs little for his act: microphone and looping recorder. 

All the sounds come from him, layered over in multiple tracks. 

If you think that sounds like Bobby McFerrin, you're on the right track. 

Cornflower trained with McFerrin a while back.  Now Cornflower plans a spring tour, with dates already set for Ashland, Grants Pass, and Portland. 

Non-Profits For Today And Tomorrow

Apr 3, 2015

Think fast: name a non-profit.  Chances are the first thing that came to mind was a charitable organization. 

But Donnie Maclurcan, social sciences professor and head of the Post Growth Institute, sees a future in which many organizations are not about making profits. 

And he's currently in the middle of a training program to start or revitalize non-profits. 

Nukes, Trees, And Jane Hamilton: JX April 6-10

Apr 2, 2015

The ongoing buffet that is The Jefferson Exchange lays out another set of delectable dishes for the first full week of April.

Highlights include a visit with a lifelong anti-nuclear weapons campaigner.

And we'll observe Arbor Week in Oregon (California celebrates in March).

And award-winning author Jane Hamilton visits, too.  Below, minus the pictures, is our still-developing menu...

Just HOW Much Warmer We Are

Apr 2, 2015
NASA/Public Domain

It's a different world we're leaving our kids. 

A warmer one, certainly. 

A recent report from Environment Oregon shows that Oregon is clearly warmer than it was generations ago... and the Millennial generation reached adulthood in the hottest ten years in the last century. 

Bringing Theater Back To The Hometown

Apr 2, 2015

Kate Jopson left the small town of Etna behind to pursue a career as a theater producer. 

Now she plans to combine her career and the community that produced her. 

National Arts Strategies named Kate a Creative Community Fellow, charged with using creativity to approach community issues. 

So Kate plans a production of Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard" back in Etna, to address the ongoing water struggles in Siskiyou County. 

Set The Table: Modern Jewish Cooking

Apr 2, 2015
Chronicle Books

Just in time for Passover (and Easter) weekend: a book about new approaches to Jewish cooking. 

Some of the cuisine has been around for thousands of years, but tastes and health concerns forced some new thinking. 

So Leah Koenig, writer and cookbook author, pulled together 175 recipes for her book Modern Jewish Cooking

Lomakatsi Restoration Project

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  The City of Ashland does not want a hot fire to burn across the mountain side that provides its water, and it's impossible to prevent all fires. 

So the city and partners are thinning and burning the watershed in the Ashland Forest Resiliency Stewardship Project to reduce fire fuels. 

The project is now five years old, and a recent federal grant will allow it to continue and expand. 

For All Fools' Day: All-Subjects VENTSday

Apr 1, 2015

Since we created the VENTSday segment on the Exchange, it has never fallen on April Fools' Day. 

This year is different, and we plan to take advantage of the situation. 

We'll go along with a gag and open VENTSday up to WHATEVER topic our listeners desire to discuss. 

A basis in fact and the usual tact are required... but let 'er rip: what do you want to tell the world on an issue near and dear to you? 

The Act Of "Becoming Steve Jobs"

Apr 1, 2015
Crown Business

What made Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, such a visionary in electronics and computing? 

Ask a thousand people, you might get a thousand different answers. 

Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli may have interviewed nearly that many people in compiling their book Becoming Steve Jobs.

The authors promise a more nuanced view than the standard "half-genius, half-jerk" take on the late Jobs.

Making Markets For Carbon Trading

Mar 31, 2015

Even if you know the basics of carbon taxes and fees--to charge polluters for putting carbon in the air--the details can blow some smoke into your brain. 

Tom Bowerman at Policy Interactive has a grasp of the details. 

He wrote bills currently before the Oregon legislature that would set up carbon cost mechanisms. 

KQED San Francisco

The fires are cold, but the scars remain.

Several fires burned large swaths of the Klamath National Forest during the summer and fall of 2014.

Now the Forest Service proposes rehabilitation projects in those areas: The Westside Fire Recovery Project.

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement is out and comments are open until the middle of April.

Tough Times For Papers, Even On Campus

Mar 31, 2015

It's a tough business climate for journalism. 

How do you get people to buy the information you offer when they can get so much online, for free? 

The situation affects journalists-in-training, too, like at the Southern Oregon University online publication "The Siskiyou."

It ceased printing a paper version several years ago, and now faces additional pressures to deliver or face downgrades. 

Religion + Medicine = "Bad Faith"

Mar 31, 2015
Basic Books

Religion and medicine agree that life is sacred. 

But they disagree on HOW to express that sacredness. 

Some religious practices and beliefs do not allow the administration of modern medicine. 

M.D. Paul Offit knows from his practice, and he wrote a book on it: Bad Faith.

It explores the collision points between medicine and religion. 


Even if you didn't notice the blooming flowers and warmer temperatures, you might have heard the singing of birds as spring settles into the region.

A bunch of migratory species show up in the springtime, and the people of the Klamath Bird Observatory go out to... uh, observe.

In fact, KBO leads "Talk and Walk" events to share the highlights of the seasonal birds.


Count on a lot of comments on the Westside Fire Recovery Project in the Klamath National Forest.

The project would involve salvage logging and other activities in three major areas burned by fires in the summer of 2014.

We talked to the forest bosses in a previous segment; now we hear the concerns of KS Wild and other conservation groups.

Parenting The Atypical Child

Mar 30, 2015
Perigee Books

Autism, ADHD and other issues plague children and their families like never before. 

Services to help them are on the rise, but can lag behind the need. 

Pediatric psychologist Dr. Rita Eichenstein uses the term "atypical" for the gamut of issues, ranging from learning disorders to physical medical problems. 

And in her book Not What I Expected, Dr. Eichenstein helps the parents of atypical children find strategies for moving forward. 

BLM Timber Sale Pulled Back For Review

Mar 27, 2015
BLM/Public Domain

The controversial "Second Show" timber sale will now get a second look from the federal Bureau of Land Management. 

BLM proposed the sale for an area northeast of Springfield, but environmental groups, including Cascadia Wildlands, objected.  Strenuously, and in court. 

So BLM just put the sale on hold pending further environmental analysis. 

Targeting Antibiotics In Oregon Farm Animals

Mar 27, 2015
Amy Quinton/Capital Public Radio

We get frequent warnings from health officials about the overuse of antibiotics. 

If the drugs don't help, we shouldn't take them. 

That's a harder message to get across to the agriculture industry, which routinely supplies the drugs to farm animals to make them free of infection and growing briskly. 

OSPIRG is pushing bills in the Oregon legislature to limit the practice. 

Getting Confrontation Out Of Communication

Mar 27, 2015

Are you talking to me?  Imagine that phrase in Robert De Niro's voice. 

And it's a question often asked, especially in the heat of a moment when we don't LIKE the way someone is talking to us. 

Joanne Lescher deals with that situation and many like it, advocating NVC, or nonviolent communication. 

She works with couples, individuals and business throughout the region and beyond.