Vets Rehab At VA SORCC

Oct 28, 2015

What was once the U.S. Army's sprawling Camp White during World War II became present-day White City.

White City vets take part in a weight management program.

And a federal presence remained, at the Veterans Administration Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center And Clinics, VA SORCC

What kind of rehabilitation?  Quite a variety, it turns out. 

Catastrophic injuries of body and mind are dealt with; VA prosthetics specialist Randy Tegge talks to us. 

Chris Petrone helps wounded vets reintegrate in society, he joins us as well.

This is another of several Veteran-related interviews in a joint project between JPR and Southern Oregon Public TV called Local Focus: Debt of Honor.

The project culminates in the TV airing of Ric Burns' Debt of Honor with a companion Local Focus program--think The Exchange on TV--immediately following, November 10th.