Veteran Adjusting To Amputations

Nov 9, 2015

Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills promised his wife his third tour of duty in Afghanistan would be his last.  And it was, for all the wrong reasons. 

Credit Convergent Books

A bomb exploded, turning Travis into a quadruple amputee. 

Now, with the help of artificial limbs, he walks, runs, dances... and generally lives as normal a life as possible. 

He tells his recovery story with writer Marcus Brotherton in the book Tough As They Come

We welcome SSG Travis Mills to the Exchange. 

This is another of several Veteran-related interviews in a joint project between JPR and Southern Oregon Public TV called "Local Focus: Debt of Honor."

The project culminates in the TV airing of Ric Burns' "Debt of Honor" with a companion "Local Focus" program--think The Exchange on TV--immediately following, Tuesday November 10th.