Upcoming Changes to JPR's Classic & News Service in Redding

Aug 8, 2017

Updated 8/16/2017 | 9:30 am -- Engineers will be at our Hatchett Mountain site today, working to improve signal quality for this microwave link, which is currently impacting the Classics & News service in the Redding area. Service may experience intermittent interruptions as they complete their work. 

The FCC has approved a new primary station on 90.9 FM in Redding that will displace JPR's Classics & News service. When this new station goes live we will move our Classics & News service to 96.9 FM. ​ In approving the relocation of our translator to 96.9FM, the FCC has stipulated that the new station must first be on the air.  This will mean that we will not be able to provide JPR Classics & News listeners as much advance notice as we would like. We are working closely with the engineer of the new station to narrow down the time frame and coordinate the frequency switch so we can send out emails to our mailing list at least a few days prior to the change.  To join our email list click here

Additionally, the Classics & News service in Redding has been experiencing intermittent interruptions due to interference that's been impacting the microwave system that delivers our audio to our translator.  We've applied to the FCC for a new frequency for this microwave link and once it is approved we'll be able to solve this technical issue. 

Thanks for your patience as we address these two unusual issues.  We hope to have the Classics & News Service sounding better than ever later this summer!