State Marijuana Laws Trump Local Ordinances

Oct 16, 2013

Oregon law trumps local laws that try to ban medical marijuana dispensaries.  Ashland Representative Peter Buckley who sponsored the measure passed by the Oregon legislature legalizing the dispensaries, says the state Legislative Counsel made that ruling yesterday.
 The law takes effect in March 2014.
The City of Medford has voted to prohibit any dispensaries in the city. The vote last month, and revealed this week, bans any business licenses if they violate local, state, or federal law.
Representative Buckley says he advocated the legalization measure, in part, to  help control the marijuana black market operating in the state.
Buckley is waiting for a written opinion from the Legislative Counsel's office to confirm what they told him yesterday. He will give that ruling to Medford officials.
He says he hopes the issue doesn't come down to a medical dispensary setting up shop in Medford, being closed by officials, and then going to court.