Sleazy Listening Tonight at 8pm

Mar 6, 2014

It's back!  Tonight at 8pm, JPR's Rhythm & News Service will present this year's edition of Sleazy Listening with host Ed Polish. 

This album really happened. The songs are ridiculously goofy, but the performances are top notch. And yes, you read the name right.

Now into it's second decade, Sleazy Listening is our annual showcase of music perfect for an April Fool's Day. Our resident bad music expert Ed Polish spent the last twelve months combing the world and the internet for an all-new collection of amazing(ly wretched) songs to share with you this year. Be prepared for two hours of music strange and bizarre. You'll hear promotional jingles, celebrity embarrassments they probably wish never happened, and many other musical curiosities.

Previous years have included musical saws, yodeling exhibitions, songs about plastic, tunes from the album shown above, and even the incredible William Shatner's memorable rendition of "Rocket Man." Who knows what his year's edition will bring? Tune in and find out.

Sleazy Listening with Ed Polish airs on the Rhythm & News Service tonight at 8pm.