Sleazy Listening Returns for 2017!

Mar 15, 2017

On Friday night, March 31st at 10pm, JPR's Rhythm & News Service will present this year's edition of Sleazy Listening with host Ed Polish. Sleazy Listening is our annual showcase of music perfect for an April Fool's Day.

Ed Polish - our resident bad music expert -  spends his spare time combing the world and the internet for amazing(ly bad) songs to share with you every year, and this year is proving to be something special. Be prepared for two hours of music that defies categorization. You'll hear random promotional jingles, unexpected celebrity cameos, and all kinds of musical curiosities. It's always unexpected, and always entertaining!

This year, stay up late with us to ring in April Fool's Day with Sleazy Listening on JPR's Rhythm & News Service Friday night, March 31st at 10pm.