Single Wolf Documented Near Mount Hood

Feb 26, 2014

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife released a draft 2013 Wolf Conservation and Management Annual Report this week. Two sentences in the 17-page report hold an interesting “nugget,” says Robert Klavins with Oregon Wild.

Under a subheading “Other Confirmed Wolves” the agency reports:

”In addition to OR7, wolf activity was documented west of the federal delisting boundary in two locations in December. A single wolf was documented once in the White River Unit and on the same day a single wolf was documented in the Heppner Unit.”

White River Unit is the key location. It’s a region just east of Mount Hood.

“This is historic. This is only the second wolf documented in the Cascades since a bounty was collected in 1946,” Klavins says. Wolf OR-7, who recently returned to Oregon from California, was the first.

As U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposes to remove gray wolves from federal Endangered Species protection, the confirmation of wolves in new areas and closer to larger human populations will surely bring fodder for debate.

How would you feel snowshoeing through Mount Hood hearing a backdrop of howling wolves?

-- Toni Tabora-Roberts

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