The Show Ponies Live Session

May 29, 2014

The Show Ponies are an indie-folk outfit from Los Angeles with old time and country influences. Their new album, We’re Not Lost, is proof of the rewards of taking a leap of faith. Funded entirely by crowdsourcing, the album is a realization of both their ardent fan base, and the power of setting a goal and trusting the process. What they’re moving toward is becoming one of the hottest Old-Time groups on of the West Coast, with a stellar sophomore album that flirts effortlessly with a modern new-roots sound and a hard driven progressive beat.

The young quintet is comprised of Andi Carder and Clayton Chaney, both Texan-born, who lay the song-writing foundation. The rest of the group is made up of three classical musicians. Jason Harris joined The Show Ponies after producing their last album, and brings his skills as a classically trained composer to the group. Award-winning fiddler Philip Glenn showcases his vast talents in a variety of styles, adding rich support to each track. And Kevin Brown’s innovative percussive skills (and a masters degree in percussion to boot!) add the final piece to this already tight-sounding group.