Ric Burns On Adding Up Our "Debt Of Honor"

Nov 6, 2015

The country was scandalized not long ago by the news that the medical system at the federal Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) was falling behind in patient care, and falsifying records. 

Credit Steeplechase Films

It was not the first time the country slipped in its commitments to wounded veterans, as pointed out in the documentary film "Debt of Honor."

It premieries Tuesday night (Nov. 10) on PBS, detailing the history of care for disabled veterans in America, and the many times that care has not kept up with needs. 

Director Ric Burns joins us to talk about his project.  

Tuesday night's airing on Southern Oregon Public TV will be followed by a discussion of the issues raised, a "Local Focus" companion. 

Think of it as a TV version of the Exchange, and please make plans to join us.