Retro Lounge Celebrates 20 years

Oct 3, 2013

On Saturday night at 9pm, The Retro Lounge with Lars & The Nurse celebrates twenty years of JPR broadcasts!  

This hand-drawn poster for The Retro Lounge has hung in the production studio for years.

Since 1993, Lars and the Nurse have been weaving together truly eclectic (read: quirky, unusual, often weird) music with a slowly unfolding mythical tale of the Lounge and it's vast array of characters.

Hosts Lars and Traci Svendsgaard met as students at then-Southern Oregon State College in the 1980s. Traci had been working on an award-winning radio program called Chatterbox, and Lars was brainstorming a show that could incorporate music from the "fringes" in a way that would entertain and captivate audiences.

The show was The Retro Lounge, launched in October twenty years ago, and it has been a Saturday night staple ever since on the Rhythm & News Service.  JPR is proud of their achievement, and dedication to the station.

Happy Birthday guys, and thank you for all you've done!