Report: West Coast States, B.C., To Align Carbon Reduction Efforts

Oct 25, 2013

Oregon, Washington, California and British Columbia are aligning their efforts to reduce carbon pollution, according to a wire service report.

The Reuters article quotes California Gov. Jerry Brown saying he plans to sign an agreement to formally align his state’s climate and clean-energy policies with those of his two neighboring West Coast states and the Canadian province to the north.

It wasn't immediately clear what sort of policy might emerge. Both carbon taxes and cap-and-trade policies have had traction along the West Coast. Consider:

British Columbia currently imposes a tax on the output of carbon pollution from power plants, refineries, and other industrial and transportation operations that contribute to global warming.

Washington. Gov. Jay Inslee this month laid out a cap-and-trade strategy to reduce overall industrial carbon pollution in his state to limit the overall output of carbon dioxide and related pollution.

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber has supported a number of approaches, including carbon pricing and green transportation strategies.

His 10-year energy plan includes several suggestions for reducing carbon pollution but makes no mention of either a cap-and-trade approach or a carbon tax.

This it the latest effort to align West Coast governments’ strategies around reducing greenhouse gas emissions. From 2007-11, the Western Climate Initiative attempted to join western states and provinces in a single push for a united strategy to combat climate change.

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