Oregon's Congressional Delegation Pushes Bill To Prepare For Railroad Derailments, Spills

Apr 28, 2017

Members of Oregon’s congressional delegation introduced a bipartisan bill Friday to help towns and cities prepare for serious railroad incidents.

The Community Protection and Preparedness Act would create a trust fund to help communities prepare for incidents involving flammable liquids like crude oil and ethanol.

Last summer, a Union Pacific train derailed and spilled thousands of gallons of crude in the small Columbia River Gorge town of Mosier, Oregon.

Ranking Democrat with the House Transportation Committee, Rep. Peter DeFazio, said communities shouldn’t be on the hook for clean up.

He said, if passed, the new money would be used to provide training and develop emergency response plans.

“Seeing our beautiful Columbia Gorge on fire last summer was an eye-opener for everyone on the dangers of how we transport oil and other hazardous materials,” said Portland Democratic Congressman Earl Blumenauer.

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