Oregon's Bottle Deposit to Double Starting April 1

Mar 31, 2017

Oregon’s bottle deposit is increasing from 5 cents to 10 cents on April 1.

The Oregon Legislature decided in 2011 to increase the deposit if the redemption rate didn’t rise above 80 percent for two consecutive years. In 2015, the statewide redemption rate was only 65 percent.

“We expect that more Oregonians will choose to redeem their bottles and cans and we believe it will help continue to keep the bottle deposit and return program relevant and working for the 21st century,” said Jules Bailey with the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative.

All eligible bottles and cans will be redeemable for 10 cents regardless of what is listed on the container. Bailey said the eligible containers and deposit locations will remain the same. Starting next year, more containers will be accepted including Gatorade bottles, hard cider and other beverages.

Bailey said he hopes more people will take advantage of the green bag program at Oregon’s BottleDrop facilities throughout the state. This allows people to drop off recyclable bottles and cans in designated bags, which are then sorted and credited to a person’s account.

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