Oregon Health Authority's wasteful spending amounts to 'hundreds of millions,' says Richardson

Nov 8, 2017

As the Oregon Health Authority is working to explain how it miss-spent 74 million dollars in federal Medicaid funds, Oregon’s secretary of state says more evidence of money troubles will be released soon. 

Republican Dennis Richardson told JPR News that an audit report on the health authority will be released by his office in about two weeks. 

On JPR's Jefferson Exchange, Richardson said the new report will make the 74 million look like "chump change."

"I mean it is absolutely shocking," Richardson said. "I won't go into details until audit report comes out, but the amount of waste is just incredible."

Richardson said the waste at OHA runs into the hundreds of millions. 

Governor Kate Brown blamed the earlier overpayment on the failed Cover Oregon health insurance exchange.

Listen to the full segment here.