Obama's Farewell Address Tuesday 6pm

Jan 9, 2017

On Tuesday evening, January 10th at 6pm, Jefferson Public Radio will broadcast NPR's Special Coverage of President Barack Obama's Farewell Address. The coverage will be hosted by NPR’s Audie Cornish. She'll be joined by National Political Correspondent Mara Liasson, Political Editor Domenico Montanaro, White House Correspondent Scott Horsley, Justice Correspondent Carrie Johnson, and Diplomatic Correspondent Michele Kelemen.

Coverage begins at 6pm on JPR's Classics & News and News & Information Services. You can also listen online, by clicking the "Listen Live" link at the top of the page and selecting either service option.

A full transcript will appear here on the page in real time, and will be annotated with analysis, fact checks and context from the NPR politics team as well as other NPR reporters and editors from relevant coverage areas like national security and business.