No Negotiating As Medford Nears Teacher Strike

Jan 31, 2014

The Medford School District and its teachers continue to march toward a possible teacher strike, despite pleas from the community to keep negotiating.

A rally in support of Medford teachers in September 2013.
Credit S.O. Jobs With Justice

Medford Education Association members plan to strike on February 6th without progress toward a new contract.

Three state legislators representing the Medford area urged the teachers and the district to return to the bargaining table Friday, but no session was held.  And no session is scheduled before February 5th, the eve of the strike.

Both sides list the number of days on the school calendar and other working conditions as key issues in the disagreement. 

School district administration on Friday announced that school sports events would go on during a strike, with substitute coaches.  The district's web page is already advertising for substitute teachers.

The Medford school board declared a state of emergency earlier in the week, allowing for the superintendent to take speedy action to close or consolidate schools while a strike is in effect.